March 4, 2020

Holy Trinity - Episode 216

Gobe, Gi (Raval Lavar) and Brytnie Devon return with a loaded episode. To begin, they discuss their introductions to Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole’s musical catalog. They share some of their favorite songs by each artist. Who is the best out of the three  rappers? Is “DAMN” deeper than “To Pimp A Butterfly”? They also share thoughts on the single “SPLITDECISION” x PND. They transition into reviewing “My Turn” x Lil Baby and singles “Chicago Freestyle” & “When to Say When” x Drake. As a conversation topic, we share our thoughts about mental health in the music industry, as well as Meg the Stallion’s contract troubles. As always give us your three cents. 


Synthetic Soul x Chiiild, Sinthesize x Terrace Martin 

Lyric of the Week: 

“Now, in a perfect world, I probably won’t be insensitive/Cold as December, but never remember what winter did/I wouldn’t blame you for mistakes I made or the bed I laid/Seems like I point the finger just to make a point, nowadays.” - Pride x Kendrick Lamar 


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